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MTsc United Youth Programs

MTsc United Club Vision

To provide a learning environment with a variety of alternatives for all youth ages to play soccer

To provide an environment where (a) families can experience soccer and cherish time together, (b) athletes can develop soccer skills and compete in a positive and fun environment regardless of skill level

To provide focus on enhanced individual achievement and instill self-confidence regardless of a player’s skill level

To provide a place where athletes can learn life lessons and develop positive character traits like good sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, working hard, persistence, honor of the game, and respect for self, officials, coaches, and opponents.

About Our Club

About MTsc United

The Metro Tulsa area Soccer Clubs have United in a very significant way.  MTsc Nation has expanded its player base and facilities footprint within the greater Tulsa area through a merger with Tulsa United Soccer Club ™.  The combined operation will be referred to as MTsc United whereby Tulsa United Soccer Club ™  is a member club of the Metro Tulsa Soccer Clubs.  Beginning with the Fall 2016 season, MTsc United will be providing an enhanced soccer experience as we integrate all Tulsa United Soccer ™ youth players and teams as part of MTsc Nation, a significantly larger soccer community and more diverse soccer program. 

MTsc United will operate the two existing offices with specific purposes to be announced.  MTsc United will utilize three locations for events and/or games, as follows:


  1. The MTsc Soccerplex which will also be referred to as MTsc United South
  2. The Tulsa United ™ fields along Highway 169 between 31st and 41st streets to be referred to as MTsc United North
  3. The half of the Alsuma facility under Tulsa United’s control which will be used for MTsc United programs and referred to as MTsc United Alsuma 


All MTsc rules and processes shall apply to the combined operations associated with Tulsa United ™ for the Spring 2016 season as we look to adopt best practices from each organization going forward (except those as noted below and the format for U9/10).  All events and programs traditionally offered by either club as well as anything new is immediately available to all MTsc United registered recreational players including family fun events and free soccer schools.  For this Spring 2016 season, there will be NO changes to game scheduling or leaguing, team formation or uniforms associated with either MTsc or Tulsa United teams. 

Once complete, the integration will add significant conveniences for most new teams to MTsc Nation and will help ease overcrowding at MTsc United South (the SoccerPlex).  Beginning in the Fall, most teams will be provided a home field option (i.e. where all or most of their home games would be played subject to league make-up for quality, appropriate level of challenge and fun).  In addition, Tulsa United ™ returning spring teams will be provided an option of uniform styles between the existing Tulsa United uniforms and the MTsc uniforms.  Details will be provided to player families over the course of the Spring 2016 season. 

The Blitz United Soccer Club competitive program, which is often associated with Tulsa United ™ by proximity and prior allowed facility usage, is not a part of the merged operations.  MTsc United has reached out to Blitz leadership and invited them to join MTsc Nation.  Unless this occurs, Blitz remains independent of MTsc United and its competitive program TSC Hurricane. 

For the Spring 2016 season, Blitz competitive league games only (U11-U19) will be scheduled by MTsc United and their home games allowed to be played at the MTsc United North facility subject to MTsc United rules.  Additionally, Blitz will be allowed to continue use of the MTsc United Alsuma facility (which is half of the Alsuma facility) but limited to Monday through Thursday usage (excludes usage on Fridays through Sundays).  These accommodations will be provided to Blitz until May 22, 2016 provided MTsc United complex rules are followed.  These accommodations are to not impact their teams for this Spring 2016 season and to allow the Blitz organization time to consider the invitation to join MTsc Nation or to make alternative arrangements for future home and practice fields assuming they remain independent of MTsc United.  Blitz will retain usage of its half of Alsuma in either case.   

We at MTsc and Tulsa United are excited about the expansion of operations which this merger represents and the promotion of soccer and enhanced programming it offers to so many more of metro Tulsa’s youth.  MTsc United, “Where Kids Come First!

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If you have questions or special requests, please email us at [email protected]

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MTsc United satellite office located across from the MTsc United North complex

3840 S. 103rd East Ave.
Logan Building, Suite 226
Tulsa, OK 74146

Office Hours:

MTsc United North office hours, starting the week of February 22 will be Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.